What is Vivid Microscopy?

Vivid Microscopy, LLC, based in Hartland, WI, has generated two probes that can image and sort cells based on the levels of oxidative stress. These probes, SEMKUR-cell sorting and SEMKUR-imaging are available for sale. The technology behind these probes is described in two patents, US7820833 and US8927291. Vivid is working with a number of institutions to demonstrate the probes use with a wide variety of applications. It is also working on next generation products that will enable superior quantitative analysis of oxidative stress.

We offer fluorescent markers that are generated in accordance with our patents. Vivid products will improve your cell research in the following ways:

  • Penetrate the cell membrane without causing damage to the cell.
  • Are DiThiol based to provide maximum sensitivity.
  • Have low redox potential.
  • Will not permanently bind the target allowing for a more detailed study of cellular function.
  • Co-Localization.

Individual Co-Localization Study

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