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"We had great success utilizing the SEMKUR-IM fluorescent dye and recommend its use for glutathione visualization and quantification. We infused the dye into ex vivo rat coronary vessels in a pressure myography setup, where we were able to analyze SEMKUR-IM fluorescence at baseline, with intraluminal flow, addition of drugs, and compared between our experimental groups. The variability in mean fluorescence intensity of the SEMKUR-IM dye between replicates was low, allowing for meaningful analysis of significant differences between our groups. For controls, SEMKUR-IM was able to increase and decrease fluorescence appropriately based on addition of compounds such as reactive oxygen species (hydrogen peroxide) and ROS scavenger tiron (superoxide scavenger). We are utilizing an array of fluorescence dyes to get a holistic picture of the redox state of our experimental groups and controls including dyes for hydrogen peroxide, superoxide, nitric oxide, and peroxynitrite. Glutathione reflects the overall oxidative state of the cell, and our results with SEMKUR-IM have been consistent with the results we have already obtained with dyes for other Reactive Oxygen/Nitrogen Species. Overall, the ease of use and important information that can be obtained using SEMKUR-IM make it a valuable tool for anyone studying redox biology."

- E. Tracy, University of Louisville